WHY CHOOSE Mobile shielded safe

  • Mobility: thanks to the frame with double swivelling casters, no more need to carry heavy loads
  • Working comfort: ergonomic handle to guide the movement
  • Safety: optimum radiation protection and safe locked with key
  • Hygiene: coating easy to decontaminate
  • Finish: painted steel


The mobile shielded safe is a new version of the latest generation of storage systems, designed to facilitate the storage of unsealed radioactive sources before use as well as sealed sources required for quality control of dose calibrators.

In order to adapt to all the different applications in the services and the different radioisotopes stored in the SPECT and PET units, two shields thicknesses are available, 25 and 40 mm.

The cabinet features a robust frame, and an overall height of 1 071 mm, thus no need for the user to bend down, improving daily working comfort.

It is equipped with six double swivel castors, two of which have brakes for greater stability, and the large ergonomic handle makes it easy and convenient to move. The cabinet is lockable to ensure total containment of the sources stored by the service.

Painted steel finishing allows for quick and easy cleaning and decontamination of the cabinet and its frame. A fixed shelf with a rim is installed under the cabinet, offering an interesting additional storage space, mainly for accessories and consumables used for the handling of sources including gloves, tongs, etc.


  • Radiation protection: 25 mm or 40 mm
  • External dimensions: L 880 x D 559 x H 1 070 mm or L 880 x D 575 x H 1 110 mm
  • Interior dimensions of the cabinet: L 200 x D 200 x H 200 mm
  • Volume: 8 L
  • Weight: 200 kg or 276 kg


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