• Mobility: no more need to carry heavy loads
  • Working comfort: ergonomic handle to guide the movement
  • Safety: shielded sliding cover with locking system
  • Hygiene: stainless steel frame for easy, long-term cleaning


Created to reduce musculoskeletal disorders identified by users in nuclear medicine, the CHT trolley allows for effortless transport of shielded lead or tungsten containers for easy transport of single or multi-dose high-energy radiopharmaceuticals, marked with 18F, 13N, 131I…

By eliminating the need to handle heavy loads, the CHT trolley represents a significant improvement in daily practice in the nuclear medicine sector.

The trolley’s shielded cabinet features a radiation shield of 30 mm of lead. A radiation protection adapted to the source transport regulations in force in the services. Providing users with improved working comfort. It is combined with the assurance of appropriate protection against the ionising radiation of the isotopes used, whatever the transport time required.

Its large ergonomic handle optimise CHT’s manoeuvrability. This handle can be adjusted in height (optional), allowing the trolley to be easily guided in movement. Four double castors facilitate the trolley’s mobilisation. These castors are equipped with brakes to secure the trolley when stopped during loading and unloading of the sources.

The sliding cover is shielded to ensure a significant reduction in full-body exposure of the users. A lockable system ensures the safety and full containment of the transported source. Even, in the event of a need for interim storage. The CHT trolley features a robust stainless steel frame for easy and durable maintenance.


  • Overall dimensions: L 797 x D 513 x H 995 mm
  • Internal dimensions: Ø 134 x H 220 mm
  • Height of work surface: 575 mm
  • Weight: 113 kg
  • Materials: Bead blasted 304L stainless steel
  • Mobility: 2 fixed castors at the front and 2 swivel castors with brakes at the rear
  • Equipment: stainless steel bottom tray
  • Shielding: 30 mm of lead
  • Access: opening of the sliding shielded cover on rail


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