WHY CHOOSE ALARA injection shield

  • Optimised radiation protection
  • Maximum visibility: maximum dimensions of the lead glass.
  • Optimum manoeuvrability: light weight, handles and casters to slide under the beds easily
  • Ergonomics: shape adapted to the maximum number of users (adjustable shelf height, 3 different positions).
  • Option: retractable step.


The ALARA injection shield is the best compromise between radiation protection and space saving (based on « As Low As Reasonably Achievable »). Thanks to its radioprotection reduced to the strict minimum, the shield is less heavy thus more handy.


  • Radioprotection optimized for the operator
  • Better visibility : Maximal dimensions of the lead glass
  • Handiness improvement : Weight reduction, handles and wheels facilitating the movement
  • Ergonomic : Shape adapted to users’ largest number
  • Height adjustable tablet : 3 different positions

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  • Overall dimensions: L 517 x D 796 X H 1551 mm
  • Radiation protection: 20 mm lead equivalent
  • Viewing window dimensions: L 310 x H 227 mm
  • Handle height: 1164 mm
  • Wheel clearance under trolley: 136 mm
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