• Optimised visibility: no blind spots
  • Ergonomics: access to the entire work surface
  • Reliability


The Medi 9000 2R LME hot cell with 2 glove ports is for manual preparation of low and medium energy radiopharmaceuticals. The latter are administered during diagnostic SPECT scintigraphic examinations. This hot cell model, with variable height, adapts to the height of the operator with an electro-mechanical lift system (optional).

Optimal radiation protection

Biological protection provided by lead (15 mm) and lead glass (54 mm) shields guarantees optimal protection of the user. Especially during the various elution, radiolabelling, fractionating and measurement operations until the patient dose of radiopharmaceutical is obtained.

The shielding of the hot cell protects the operator from contamination and exposure (full body) to ionising radiation. Depending on the radioisotope being handled (99mTc, 201Tl, 111In, 123I…). While ensuring a particulate laminar Class A air flow (ISO 5) throughout the work space.

Medi 9000 2R LME: a complete equipment

The shielded Medi 9000 2R LME hot cell is composed of:

  • a generator compartment with independent lifts compatible with all 99Mo/99mTc generators. It allows for the simultaneous use of two generators for daily elutions. It has a lockable door for improved security
  • a dose calibrator compartment compatible with all models on the market. Available with the automatic sample dipper raising and lowering system with the Lemer Pax, Medisystem and Capintec dose calibrators. It allows for reducing considerably the exposure to the user’s hands and fingers
  • a shielded bin compartment that can accommodate any brand of container. The bins are removed through the workspace. The top access features a magnetic opening system that is flush with the work surface, to allow for a large, flat work space with no inconvenient handles
  • a stainless steel work surface allows the installation of the equipment necessary for radiolabelling, such as a stirrer, water bath, etc. The presence of several power sockets (electrical, USB, RJ45) allows programming and connection to any software and networks
  • optional lead shielded lateral air chambers are available, with an outer lead glass door to control the presence of a sourc

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In compliance with the requirements of the european directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 96/29 EURATOM as well as the ASN decrees n°2014-DC-0463 and standard ISO 14644.


  • External dimensions - 1/2 airlock chambers: L 1 466 /1 878 x D 1 040 x H 2 018 mm
  • Hot cell tare weight - 1/2 airlock chambers: 3 200/3 350 kg
  • Exterior finish: RAL 9010 painted steel and ABS grain
  • Interior finish: White Corian and bead blasted stainless steel
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber
    - 1 shielded compartment for 2 generators
    - 1 shielded compartment for dose calibrator
    - 1 shielded compartment for waste container
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Brightness: > 1 000 Lux
  • Germicidal UV: 2 x 9W UVC lamps
  • Noise level: < 67 dB(A)
  • Shielding thickness: 15 mm of lead


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