WHY CHOOSE Novatube® & Novaband®

  • Simple: easy to install with retaining strap
  • Handling: very flexible and easy to cut
  • Safe: uniform radiation protection and easy to decontaminate
  • Customisation: customisation possible (choose shape and size)


Novaband® flexible bands and Novatube® tubes make it very easy to produce customised biological protection adapted to the needs of users exposed to ionising radiation in services and hospitals holding radioactive sources, within a controlled timeframe.

The innovative technology of the Novashield® lead-free biological protection material designed by Lemer Pax allows to produce radiation protection parts in all shapes and sizes, based on standards or customised requests in terms of geometry and weight, whether you need just one part or a large run.

Thanks to the great flexibility of the Novashield® material, bands are easy to cut. Novatube® and Novaband® are easy to handle, and equipped with retaining straps to ensure easy and safe installation. The smooth surface of Novashield® allows easy decontamination while providing consistent radiation protection for exposed personnel.

Novatube® & Novaband®: many protective configurations

Due to their shape and flexibility of handling, Novaband® and Novatube® products allow for many protective configurations. They are particularly suitable for covering certain components of shielded hot cells or piping, mainly connected to decay systems and tanks for the management of radioactive effluents in services. With their interlocking design, radiation protection is uniform and optimal across the entire surface of the tape and tubes and around the circumference of the tube.


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