WHY CHOOSE Novashield®

  • Environment: at end-of-life, disposal identical to conventional waste products
  • Non-toxic: operator protection
  • Variety: 3 choices of flexible gamma attenuation
  • Customisation: customisation possible (choose shape and size)


Presentation Novashield®

Novashield® is a patented lead-free ecological composite designed for gamma ray and X-ray radiation protection systems.

The Novashield® ranges are composed of a polymer base and various neutral metal fillers, scientifically selected and mixed for their ability to block radiation.

Lemer Pax offers 3 Novashield® ranges according to your dose reduction objectives and your budget: Novashield® – 365, Novashield® – 380, Novashield® – 800.

Novashield® is very easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife, and does not present any health risks for the operators (unlike leadbased solutions).

At end-of-life, they can be disposed of in conventional waste streams, as they are non-toxic.

Applications Novashield®

Novashield® products can be cast into all types of shapes, thicknesses and formats.

They can be used make flexible mobile radiation shielding walls, pipe coatings, and to collimate measurement sensors.

For all special biological protection needs (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons, complex forms), Lemer Pax is able to formulate the appropriate Novashield® mixture.


  • NOVASHIELD-365 - Density: 3.65 // Gamma attenuation: good // Colour: light grey
  • NOVASHIELD-380 - Density: 3.8 // Gamma attenuation: very good // Colour: purple
  • NOVASHIELD-800 - Density: 8 // Gamma attenuation: excellent // Colour: black


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