WHY CHOOSE Novashield Store

  • Optimum radiation protection : consisting of 2 or 4 rolls of Novashield RX45, a flexible, ecological, lead-free, radiation protection material with a smooth and easily decontaminated surface
  • Mobile : simple and quick to install and easy to take down
  • Storage : robust and stackable, the containers on wheels with slinging points facilitate handling

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Novashield Store : Presentation

Novashield Store mobile screen is a protection system made of Novashield® RX45 rolls and complies with the ALARA principle. Composed of a wheeled transport container, the Novashield® RX45 rolls are easy to store and set up.

The flexible radiation protection curtains are unrolled from the storage container and held at the desired height by a telescopic rod.

The curtain can be set up effortlessly. The system is maintained in position on the floor by wheels equipped with brakes.

Novashield Store : Applications

Because it is so easy and quick to install, the Novashield Store mobile radiation protection screen is particularly suitable for planned maintenance operations during scheduled unit shutdowns at nuclear power plants.

The radiation protection curtain system, composed of Novashield® RX45 rolls, provides optimal radiation protection for operators during special scheduled interventions.


  • 4 handles
  • 2 handling points for slinging
  • 1 cover locking point, padlockable system
  • Container dimensions : 1,200 x 550 x 550 mm.
  • 4 swivel wheels : Ø 120 mm
  • Weight : 100 kg
  • Impermeable
  • Reference: 00017700 - Number of rolls: 4 // Dimensions of 1 Novashield® RX 45 roll: 2 x 0.9m
  • Reference: 00018243 - Number of rolls: 2 // Dimensions of 1 Novashield® RX 45 roll: 4 x 0.9m


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