WHY CHOOSE Decay tanks

  • Ergonomics: tank monitoring and alarms on touchscreen
  • Customisation: made-to-measure for rooms of all sizes
  • Environment: design for recycling at end of life
  • Full service: design, manufacture, installation, maintenance


Decay tanks : Presentation

With more than 100 decay tank systems in operation in 2018, Lemer Pax can deliver solutions covering the entire product life cycle: design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Lemer Pax decay tanks are equipped with systems for emptying, pumping, level control and alarms in the tank room with transfer to the touchscreen terminal in the control room. Tanks are available in 500 to 12,500 litre capacities, based on intended use.

Decay tanks : Applications

The patented Lemer Pax decay tanks are used for the storage of radioactive effluent in the civilian nuclear sector as well as in nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and brachytherapy.

As well as decay tanks, we can deliver a complete radioactive waste management system. All these elements have been tested and patented to meet ASN and IRSN guidelines, to ensure longlasting, safe and trouble-free use.


  • Parallelepiped HDPE decay tank
  • Shape: flat-bottomed parallelepiped tank
  • Composition: radiation-resistant material, with integrated frames, manhole Ø 400 mm and 8 DN60 connections
  • Control interface: two monochrome or colour (optional) touchscreens, one in the tank room and the other in the monitoring room.
  • Piping and valves: in pressure PVC DN25, DN40, DN60 and DN100. The radiation resistant valves are ball valves with gaskets.
  • High-pressure centrifugal pump: stainless steel. Pumps effluent for drainage or filling.
  • Activated carbon filter, level gauge & sampling pump
  • Impact resistant
  • Unrivalled seal qualities
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Custom decay tanks: Other materials and shapes on request


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