WHY CHOOSE Wall-hung separation toilets

  • Separation of urine and fecal matter
  • Ergonomic
  • Anti-leak reverse edge


These wall-hung toilets, are intended for the safe separation and evacuation of waste from patients who are mainly treated with iodine 131.

These toilets are installed in the shielded irradiation or vectorised internal radiation therapy (VIR) chambers, and have been specially designed to separate urine and faeces. Indeed, radioactive urine is diverted to the decay tank. Whereas, non-radioactive faecal matter is evacuated into the sewer.

The ergonomic shape of these wall-hung toilets and their non-porous surface is ideal for decontamination. The rim of the front part is equipped with an anti-drip reverse drain to avoid any risk of contamination of the premises. Two independent systems ensure safe evacuation and cleaning depending on the nature of the waste. The material compartment is equipped with a Swiss-made “Géberit” rinsing system with a volume of 9 litres. The urine compartment has a circular rinsing system activated by a push button to limit the volume of liquid sent to the radioactive decay tanks, with filtration by a strainer located before the siphon.

These toilets are wall-hung to facilitate daily external cleaning as well as the maintenance of the floors of the room where they are installed. They are also compliant with disabled standards for perfect integration into hospital rooms.

Wall-hung separation toilets – Focus

These separation toilets features:

  • A main toilet body. Which is made of high-strength reinforced polyester resin and a specific extremely resistant coating that is easy to decontaminate.
  • The wall-hung design allows for disinfection and possible decontamination underneath the toilet (not possible with floor-standing toilets).
  • A seat, with its high-strength reinforced polyester resin offers an ergonomically designed rim with a white finish that can be easily decontaminated.
  • A toilet bowl is composed of two compartments, one for urine, and the other for faeces.
  • Connection to a Swiss-made “Géberit” type of support for the evacuation of faeces.
  • A special 100 mm diameter siphon allows for connection to the main sewer drain.
  • The 32 mm diameter siphon connects the radioactive urine compartment to the collection network towards the decay tanks (supplied by Lemer Pax patent No. 1471).


  • Decontaminable material: special reinforced resin
  • 1 siphon Ø 100 mm: used to evacuate fecal matter through the normal sewerage system
  • 1 siphon Ø 32 mm: used to evacuate radioactive urine to the decay tanks


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