WHY CHOOSE Easyradwater

  • Versatile : choose from a database of 300 isotopes, in French and English. The system can be connected to storage or decay tanks.
  • Accurate : the measurement accuracy is better than 95%, for a measured activity from 70 Bq/l to 2TBq/l.
  • Safe and effective : the 200 mm shielding ensures full radiation protection and accurate measurements, thus avoiding the need for a manual operation to obtain a sample.


Easyradwater : Presentation

Easyradwater is a plug and play measurement system that’s quick and easy to set-up. The operator can monitor the activity concentration in real time on the colour touchscreen.

The system is composed of an aluminium ionisation chamber, a pre-amplifier, a measurement cell and a pumping unit. It is connected to a touchscreen, a rugged Posibox PC and the Easyradwater software.

How does it work?

The effluents are stirred in a closed circuit, then sent to the measurement chamber. The measurement is shown on the touchscreen and archived in the PC to ensure traceability.

Easyradwater : Applications

Easyradwater is a real-time volume activity measurement system that measures activity remotely, thus avoiding the need for manual intervention in ionising storage environments. Originally designed for the medical sector, the system is also perfect for research and industry applications.

Easyradwater : Options

Customised tanks (Max 2 000 L)


  • Detection - Measurement cell : Aluminium ionisation chamber connected to a rugged PC // 20 L PVC tank // 200 mm lead shielding for isolation against the ambient radiation dose // Power supply 100 V / 240 V; 50 / 60 Hz; 320 mA
  • Easyradwater software
  • Rugged Posibox® computer by Lemer Pax
  • Configurable in French, in English & in Russian
  • Secure configuration and authorisation level (levels: user and administrator)
  • Configuration of the isotope to be measured (300 in the database)
  • Configuration of the acquisition time (10s to 3,600s)
  • Selection of the unit of measure (Bq/l, Ci/l)
  • Automatic calculation of the decay for the selected isotope and display of the estimated date of the release of the effluents (configurable according to the current local standards)
  • Supervision of the equipment’s internal quality control (high voltage, power supply, level of response of the chamber, temperature of the electronic components)
  • Measurement of the ambient noise with automatic zero setting


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