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1 March 2023

Combining the increase in PET imaging patient activity and radiation protection of staff: the example of Esbjerg hospital in Denmark

In March 2019, the Nuclear Medicine department at Esbjerg Hospital, in Esbjerg, Denmark, decided to acquire a new PET/CT scanner. With the arrival of this new equipment, the service’s activity doubled, going from around 10 patients per day to just over 20. And this was just the beginning! Major restructuring work was, therefore, necessary and the department decided to tackle, at the same time, the quality of treatment for patients and the working conditions of the medical team. Among the solutions adopted: the acquisition of a new automatic preparation and injection system!
31 October 2022

Jean-Yves Michel

“The use of two Posijet® automatic preparation and injection units in the department provides greater freedom in the allocation of the PET equipment without increasing operator exposure when preparing doses or manually injecting fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals.” To learn more, find our...
29 September 2022

EANM 2022: find our Therapy and Diagnostic solutions from Lemer Pax and Medisystem in Barcelona

This year, Lemer Pax and Medisystem are exhibiting several innovative solutions to meet the needs of their customers, one of which will be the Posijet®, our high-energy radiopharmaceutical preparer-injector in its “Theranostic” configuration! A quick look back at this new medical approach and the adaptation of Posijet® to new uses.
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