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Denis BRAULT Medical Radiology Technician
11 May 2023

Denis Brault

"All the restrictions made us choose the Posijet® automatic injector. Personally, I’m very pleased with it. Lemer Pax’s training and support have been excellent. The remote familiarisation feature is an added bonus for us, making us more responsive, which we really needed to be. The regular software updates also make it easy to use. "
Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)
27 April 2023

The Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)

The immanente guarantee of radiation protection By anticipating the risks of exposure to ionizing radiation, the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) applies the safety rules defined by the Labour Code and the Public Health Code and implements the means to guarantee optimal radiation protection (ALARA principle). Here at Lemer Pax, the Radiation Protection Advisor intervenes in all areas related to radiation protection (medical, industry, etc.) and brings their expertise to the development of the innovative equipment of tomorrow.
1 March 2023

Combining the increase in PET imaging patient activity and radiation protection of staff: the example of Esbjerg hospital in Denmark

In March 2019, the Nuclear Medicine department at Esbjerg Hospital, in Esbjerg, Denmark, decided to acquire a new PET/CT scanner. With the arrival of this new equipment, the service’s activity doubled, going from around 10 patients per day to just over 20. And this was just the beginning! Major restructuring work was, therefore, necessary and the department decided to tackle, at the same time, the quality of treatment for patients and the working conditions of the medical team. Among the solutions adopted: the acquisition of a new automatic preparation and injection system!
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