WHY CHOOSE Easyradwater Cleaner

  • Integrated solution : a global solution based on a system combining monitoring of radioactive effluents and isotope capture
  • Versatile : choose from a database of 300 isotopes, in French and English. The system can be connected to storage or decay tanks.
  • Accurate : the measurement accuracy is better than 95%, for a measured activity from 70 Bq/l to 2TBq/l.
  • Safe and effective : the 200 mm shielding ensures full radiation protection and accurate measurement, thus avoiding the need for a manual operation to obtain a sample.


Easyradwater Cleaner : Presentation

The Easyradwater Cleaner purification system is based on the association of two technologies developed by Lemer Pax: Easyradwater and Clevasol®.

Water loaded with isotopes is filtered by a pump which circulates the water through the filter loaded with Clevasol®, a cation exchange resin. The isotopes which pass near the Clevasol® micro-particles are captured and remain trapped. Thus, the radioisotopes are gradually eliminated from the effluent by recirculation. The acceptable residual activity concentration is preselected in the Easyradwater measurement software, and when this level is reached, visual and sound alerts are triggered. The effluent can then be discharged into the general evacuation system. Filter saturation is monitored automatically by the Easyradwater system and a visual alert indicates when it’s time to change the Clevasol® filter.

How does it work?

The effluents are stirred, then filtered by the Clevasol® cation exchange resin before being sent to the measurement chamber. The measurement is shown on the touchscreen and archived in the PC to ensure traceability.

Easyradwater Cleaner : Applications

By combining Easyradwater and Clevasol® technologies, the Easyradwater Cleaner system measures activity concentration in real time remotely and also captures radioactive isotopes. This solution makes it possible to reduce the activity of stored radioactive effluents as well as to change the waste from liquid to solid state for optimised storage. This integrated solution is perfect for research, industry and the medical sector.

Easyradwater Cleaner : Technical specifications

  • Clevasol® filter installation

The filter housed in its 316 L stainless steel container is biologically protected by 200 mm of lead shielding. It is installed in the fluid transfer and monitoring system using a pallet truck to lift the filter and its shielded container. The leaded container is slowly guided to its two connectors by plastic shims to ensure correct geometric positioning of the hydraulic connectors.

Once connected, the container is lowered to the ground. During the descent, two centring pins position the hydraulic connectors to ensure a tight connection. The system is then ready to be put into service.

  • Changing the Clevasol® filter

When the filter is approaching saturation, a visual alert appears on the control touchscreen.

The filter in its shielded container can be disconnected from the main system using the same procedure as for installation.

The filter in its shielded container can be taken to a hot cell where it will be removed from the lead-shielded container and sent to a radioactive waste treatment facility or left in its lead container in a storage area pending burial or other treatment.


  • Easyradwater Cleaner comprises: Easyradwater software, 1 ionisation chamber, 1 preamplifier, 1 measurement cell, 1 electrical pump, 1 colour touchscreen, 1 Posibox® by Lemer Pax, Cables, Lead shielding, thickness 200 mm, 1 Clevasol® filtration system.
  • Examples of isotopes captured by Clevasol®: Cs-137, Cs134, Co-60, Po-210, Th-227, Th-228, Th-229, Th-230, Pu236, Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240, Am-241, Am-243, Y-90, Sr-90, Ir-192, Ir-194
  • Dimensions: Height 1,950 mm // Width 900 mm // Depth 1,250 mm // Weight 10 tonnes
  • Inlet/outlet anti-drip connections with check valve
  • Active isotope capture filter with Clevasol® patented technology
  • Filter shielding: 200 mm of lead
  • Stainless steel casing: 316 L
  • Pressure controlled at filter inlet
  • Filter capacity: 1 litre
  • Flow controlled at filter inlet


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