• Variety : 8 intake channels for sampling
  • Robust : resistance to corrosive, radioactive and particulate loaded liquid effluents
  • Ergonomics : fully remotely controlled, including the maintenance tools
  • Security : vial crimping/decapping station


SPR15-M8-SD : Presentation

The Lemer Pax multi-channel sampling station SPR15-M8-SD is used to sample various liquids and place them in vials.

It has 10 intake channels: 8 channels for liquids to be analysed, one channel for liquid flushing and one channel for air purging.

The SPR15-M8-SD station is composed of:

  • 10 intake channels each equipped with a remotely controlled open/close valve
  • 1 rotary multi-way valve for selecting one of the intake channels to the output channel
  • 1 remotely operated variable speed peristaltic pump
  • 1 sliding sub-assembly equipped with a scale for weighing the vial and a funnel for sending the rinsing liquids to waste
  • 1 dialog interface (touchscreen) with its electrical and pneumatic cabinet
  • 1 crimping/decapping station with its pneumatic power supply cabinet

SPR15-M8-SD : Applications

This SPR15-M8-SD station is designed to sample corrosive, radioactive and particulate-loaded liquid effluents at temperatures up to 90°C.


  • Approximate dimensions (can be changed during design phase): Width: 600 mm // Height: 600 mm // Depth: 350 mm
  • 316L stainless steel tubing network, fittings, valves and rotary valve
  • Two channels (channel 1 "Rinsing liquid" and channel 2 "Blowhole") are equipped with non-return valves
  • 400 µm primary filtration on the 8 liquid effluent intake channels
  • Interchangeable remotely controlled multi-way valve rotor.
  • SPR15 pump (nuclearized peristaltic pump for work in ionising environments)


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