• Ergonomics : peristaltic pump - no pump head pollution
  • Configuration : Entirely remotely operated SPR05 pump flow rate range adjustable and programmable from 0.16 ml/min to 347 ml/min. SPR15 pump flow rate range adjustable and programmable from 8 ml/min to 360 ml/min or higher
  • Accurate : Transfer accuracy better than 99% (after calibration of the pump and tubing assembly)
  • Robust : operating pressure from 0.1 to 0.3 MPa and accumulated dose resistance at 6.104 Gy under a max flow of 2 Gy/h.


SPR05/SPR15 : Presentation

The SPR05/SPR15 sampling and distribution pumps are peristaltic pumps that use two parameters for dosing: time and flow rate.

They are designed for easy integration inside hot cells and for fully compatible operation with telemanipulators or remote handling tong systems.

SPR05/SPR15 : Applications

The SPR05 and SPR15 sampling and distribution pumps are intended for sampling and distribution operations inside hot cells for the transfer of aggressive and/or radioactive liquids.

SPR05/SPR15 : Features

3 main pump components:

  • a mechanical unit
  • an electrical and control unit grouped in a stainless steel cabinet
  • a tubing unit


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