• Safety : Pump head inside hot cell with outside motorisation, maintenance from outside the cell
  • Configuration : self-priming pump for 4.5 m and flow rate range adjustable from 1.5 l/h to 12 l/h
  • Accurate : transfer accuracy better than 97.5% (after calibration of the pump and tubing assembly)
  • Robust : Discharge pressure limited to 2 bars and accumulated dose resistance at 6.104 Gy under a max flow of 2 Gy/h.


CPR20 : Presentation

The CPR20 pump is used to transfer aggressive and/or radioactive products.

It is designed to ensure uniform radiation protection equivalent to 1 m of ordinary concrete.

CPR20 : Applications

The CPR20 pumps can be used to create liquid effluent transfer circuits between different storage tanks or to create supply networks for sampling pumps.

CPR20 : 4 main pump components

  • A static mechanical unit

Buried in the hot cell masonry: a stainless steel sheath which can then incorporate the pump and the flow rate regulation unit.

Inside the hot cell, a leak-tight stainless steel casing fixed to the sheath accommodates the pump head and the flow rate regulation system. It can connect to 3 tubing units: suction, discharge and return to the suction tank.

It also maintains the load on the pump.

  • A mechanical drive unit fitted to the outside of the hot cell

    • Three-phase motor
    • Transmission shaft
    • Pump head support with temperature probe and liquid presence sensor.
  • A mechanical flow rate control unit fitted to the outside of the hot cell

    • A support shaft
    • An adjustment head with its calibrated orifices and protective sieve.
  • An electrical and control unit grouped in a stainless steel cabinet

    • A programmable automatic control system with a variable speed drive to analyse the current consumption.
    • A touchscreen for control, dialogue and real-time display of the various transfer phases.
    • An emergency stop and general disconnector.


  • Pump CPR20 (and its sheath) - Dimensions: 1410 x 320 x Depth 270 mm // Weight: 170 kg
  • Protection index IP 55
  • Control cabinet - Dimensions: 500 x 500 x Depth 300 mm // Weight: 16 kg
  • Operating mode: continuous
  • Mechanical and electrical characteristics of the pump:
  • Rotating speed : 950 rpm
  • Maximum current consumed by the device : 3 A
  • Service life : 8000 hours minimum (excluding irradiation conditions)
  • Supply voltage : 3 x 230/400 V + neutral
  • Operating noise level : less than 80 dB.
  • Material of main components : Stainless steel 316


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