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26 April 2022

Optimal radiation protection, a daily requirement for interventional cardiologists

Professor Patrice Guérin, University Professor and Medical Practitioner at the University Hospital of Nantes, was the guest on the Mag GRCI La Matinale show, during the 28th GRCI congress (Groupe de Réflexion sur la Cardiologie Interventionnelle), which was held last...
28 February 2022

X-rays impacts in interventional cathlabs

The use of X-rays during catheterisation procedures is of particular concern, especially during prolonged exposures. Many measures are taken to reduce patient exposure, but what about the operators?
16 February 2022

Dr. Hugo Vinhas

“ Cathpax® AIR cabin is  a piece of essential equipment for the cath lab. The cabin provides an optimal X-ray protection and prevents musculoskeletal problems for the operator since it is possible to work without the use of the lead...

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