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8 December 2021

Concrete proof during a Live Case: the Cathpax® AIR radiation protection cabin once again proves effective in reducing X-ray exposure by 98% during a CTO procedure.

It is a known fact that interventional cardiologists are increasingly exposed to X-rays! Today, we can save the lives of others without being irradiated ourselves. The radiation protection cabin effectively protects interventional cardiologists from X-rays on all parts of the...
22 October 2021

Dr. Mélèze Hocini

“The Lemer Pax radiation protection cabin Cathpax® AF has greatly improved my working comfort by providing optimal protection from X-rays without impeding the procedure in any way. This is an undeniable advantage, which I appreciated even more when I was...
17 June 2021

Professor Michel Haïssaguerre: convinced user of the cabin as a means of optimum radiation protection in cathlabs

During the latest edition of the CNCH (the National college of hospital Cardiologists), Professor Michel Haïssaguerre spoke to warn, once again, practitioners of the vital need for increased radiation protection in cathlabs. Director of the Liryc, the Electrophysiology and Heart...

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