WHY CHOOSE Medi 2000 2R

  • Optimum radiation protection: dose rate on contact less than 25 µSv/h.
  • Robustness.
  • Reliability.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Compact and light.


The MEDI 2000 PET-C hot cell is specifically designed for handling High-Energy radiopharmaceuticals.
In addition to being fully equipped with classical features such as:

a work area including an activity-meter compartment and fitted with a timed, germicidal UV tube, fluorescent lighting,
a shelf, and 3 electric sockets,
a loading arm and a motorised lift for the FDG pot;

filtration & ventilation systems that provide a negative pressure atmosphere for the containment of radioactive particles.

This very popular and widespread product presents the following advantages :

  • Radioprotection: shielding on all sides with increased shielding in the area of the activity meter
  • Ergonomic design: upper part further forward than lower part to afford greater leg comfort for the operator
  • Clean lines: inner cladding in Corian, outer coating in ABS + paintwork

The airlock can be installed on the right or on the left, depending on the configuration of your hot laboratory.
It is equipped with a sliding tray to facilitate the insertion and removal of equipment .

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  • Overall dimensions (The dimensions must be confirmed by a layout drawing.) - 1 pass-through: L 1056 x D 800 x H 1612 mm
  • Hot cell weight (1 pass-through): 1800 kg
  • Shielding: 40mm lead
  • Work surface air quality: Class C
  • Effective dimensions: L 580 x D 490 x H 520 mm
  • Lead glass viewing window: 1 window - Standard window: L 525 x W 241 x TH. 88 mm
  • Effective dimensions of the pot compartment: L 156 x H 237 x D 220 mm
  • Thickness of the shielding: 40 mm
  • Elevator: 1
  • Interior power sockets: 2 electrical sockets + 1 USB / RJ45
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