WHY CHOOSE DOM : Dose Operating Module

  • Radiation protection: possibility to position the sterile kits using the manipulator tongs
  • GMP conformity: meets the good pharmaceutical practice standards
  • Compatibility: the small footprint of the module allows for easy incorporation in most hot cells equipped with remote manipulation tongs


The DOM, Lemer Pax dose dispensing system is designed to prepare, fractionate and dose radioactive solutions in aseptic conditions. These solutions can include radiopharmaceutical preparations with marketing authorisation or experimental radiopharmaceutical drugs for biomedical research.

DOM: very flexible system

It allows to carry out several operations simply and quickly according to the operator needs:

  • add one or several diluents and/or preservatives to a stock solution,
  • fractionate into several vials,
  • rinse the dispensing system.

The DOM must be used in a class A shielded hot cell to meet the necessary aseptic conditions required for injectable preparations as well as regulatory requirements such as GMP, GPP, or EuGMP.

The filling is performed in open vials, which are afterwards crimped on the dedicated module of the DOM.

All the DOM functions are electronically controlled:

  • creation of the recipes,
  • of the production batches,
  • control of the production operations.

Users can independently configure their preparations. The information relative to the isotopes, the type of preparations and the production batches, can be easily modified. Therefore, the DOM can be perfectly adapted to the changes in radiopharmaceutical preparations.

The labels for the vials and the shielding are directly printed using the machine. The page layouts can
be customised based on the types of pots and vials (quality control, production vial, waste), for maximum flexibility.

Radioactive decay is automatically calculated

It allows to reach a volumic activity and activity in each vial at the required time.

The kit contains one sterilising filter

This filter has a PVDF hydrophilic filtering membrane to ensure the sterility of most of the radiopharmaceutical preparations. The filter integrity can be checked directly on the DOM, by measuring the bubble point pressure, integrated function.

Production information is archived and can be easily exported. This archive contains the data concerning the drug, the batch and each vial produced for maximum traceability.


  • Overall dimensions: L 538 x D 347 x H 352 mm
  • Empty weight: 25 kg
  • Materials: Stainless steel, POM
  • Interior dimensions recommended for the hot cells: L 1,000 x D 800 x H 700 mm
  • Dimensions of the electrical cabinet to be positioned outside the shielded hot cell: L 400 x D 400 x H 200 mm
  • General power supply voltage: 230 V / 16 A
    50 / 60 Hz - 3A
  • Compressed air: 7 bars
  • Volume of the stock solution vials: 100 mL (200 mL as an option)
  • Volume of the dose vials: 0.5 - 15 mL
  • Stock solution preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Dose vial filling time: 1 minute


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