Lemer Pax and Medisystem, working hand-in-hand

Closer collaboration, symbiosis and an expanded range of solutions!

LEMER Pax and Medisystem, leading names in the field of nuclear medicine, are joining forces. Each firm will retain its own identity, but the two partners have decided to expand their range of joint solutions.

As France’s leading duo in the radiological protection market, the two companies have decided to strengthen their bonds in order to deliver the best results for French and international clients.

Combining expertise for an optimised, expanded service

Medisystem and Lemer Pax will remain independent entities with their own distinct identities, production facilities and commercial teams, but from now on the two firms will be working more closely together. Drawing inspiration from biology, the two partners will aim to work in symbiosis.

Two sources of expertise are better than one when it comes to developing cutting-edge technology. Under this new partnership, the two companies will be pooling resources. This new arrangement brings with it two key benefits. Existing services will be secured, and new opportunities explored. Clients of both firms will still be able to access their usual range of services via their usual contacts, but the choice of solutions will be greatly expanded.

The great advantage of this partnership is that the complementarity of the know-how brought to the table by both teams will naturally yield the sort of benefits which come with such an increase in scale, reaching the critical mass required to develop state-of-the-art technologies and guarantee the quality of all components, suppliers and processes.

The first results of this approach

This rapprochement has already begun to bear fruit.
Thanks to our collaborative efforts a new connected software tool for monitoring decay tanks has been developed, and will soon hit the market. Joining forces also makes for broader, denser commercial coverage, bringing us closer to our clients, offering more effective maintenance services and reducing our carbon footprint as we work to bring about the renewable energy transformation. Ultimately, the performance and the range of services offered by both companies will be reinforced by our collaboration.