Orano Med and Lemer Pax: a partnership built to last

A consortium committed to demonstrating the benefits of Lead-212 for cancer treatment, and launching production on an industrial scale.

Orano Med, the medical subsidiary of the Areva Group, has developed a new procedure which makes it possible to extract Lead-212 (212Pb), a rare metal used in alpha therapy. Orano Med continues to make major scientific advances with the support of the CGI (General Investment Consortium).

In 2015 a new consortium known as CARAT (Consortium for new Applications in Radio Alpha Therapy) received a 9.6 million investment from the Future Investments Programme led by the CGI and BPIFrance. Within this Strategic Competitiveness Project (PSPC), Lemer Pax is working alongside Orano Med to develop and deliver innovative radioprotection equipment in France and in the USA. This partnership is intended to be a long-term arrangement, in order to optimise costs and delivery deadlines for the large-scale fabrication of production tools.

The aim is to facilitate the clinical trial and commercial development phases for new targeted therapies using Lead-212, discovered and developed by Orano Med.