The solution: A tailor-made response combining protection and ease of use

For this ambitious project, the CEA Tech and Lemer Pax teams started from scratch: no estimation had been made concerning the weight that the shielded non-destructive testing cabinets could reach! Right from the design phase, the teams had to plan far ahead and anticipate the specific requirements of companies in the region. The Lemer Pax teams therefore proposed a tailor-made solution combining safety and optimum radiological protection for users when operating the equipment. The platform is in fact equipped with a 225 kV microfocus X-ray tube which produces ionising radiation while preserving maximum comfort of use when conducting the tests. Lemer Pax was therefore assigned the design, construction and installation of a lead-lined, temperature and humidity-controlled bunker intended to isolate the robot-controlled platform including 2 collaborative 6-axis robots, the X-ray generator and its detector.

CCase study - CEA Tech - CND - Fanny Buyens - Lemer Pax

The platform is used to address a wide range of issues in various industrial sectors. Its size and robot-controlled equipment allow us to break out of "standard" situations and offer much larger inspection possibilities, making this equipment unique in France.

Manager of the Elixir robot-controlled X-ray imaging platform

Installation: A tailor-made response for innovating equipment

Thanks to the financial support of the Pays de la Loire region, CEA Tech Pays de la Loire has acquired an X-ray imaging NDT cabinet of large dimensions: 9 m x 6 m, 4 m high and weighing 70 tonnes, with a public area in the rest of its technological hall (no special zoning). Intended in particular for the sectors of aeronautics (composite assemblies, etc.) and marine renewable energies (marine wind turbine blades, etc.), other industrial sectors such as automotive, electronics, 3D additive manufacturing and agribusiness also benefited from its services. Due to its large dimensions, the cabinet also opens new perspectives in other fields: inspection of objects on conveyor, inspection automation, characterisation of new manufacturing methods.

Samuel GALL_CEA Tech_Pays de la Loire

Our aim was to build, in collaboration with a proactive and attentive team, a customized and non-destructive testing cabinet that fully meets our needs.

Samuel GALL
Operational & Facility Manager - CEA Tech

Surrounded by 25 mm of lead (walls, ceiling and base plate), the non-destructive testing cabinet guarantees also optimum radiation protection. Thanks to its leaded-glass window, the operators can view the inside of the entire platform to check in particular the robot-controlled movements. Lastly, the cabinet is also equipped with a bunker-type motorised sliding door, offering maximum handling and access comfort.

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The results

Successful start-up of a new high-tech activity guaranteeing operator safety and comfort

  • Equipment unique in France
  • Optimisation of non-destructive testing (time, budget, data)
  • Widely diversified activities
  • Safety and radiation protection of personnel preserved
  • Comfort and ergonomics of personnel guaranteed


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