WHY CHOOSE Non-destructive testing cabinets

  • Performance : a range of products designed for your sector of activity - one-piece cabinets (industry) or stand-alone cabinets (aeronautics, aerospace, research, army)
  • Integrated solution : a complete service including the specifications studies, study of radiation protection needs based on generator power, design in our engineering office, manufacture in our workshops and delivery and assembly by our technicians


Non-destructive testing cabinets : Presentation

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a method used to evaluate the integrity of structures or materials, without damage, during production, use, or maintenance operations. NDT is also commonly referred to as non-destructive examination or non-destructive evaluation (NDE). 

Lemer Pax, a pioneer in the manufacture of non-destructive X-ray inspection cabinets, has diversified its range over time. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers, thanks to our solutions ranging from simple one-piece cabinets to standalone cabinets.

All our cabinets are manufactured at our site and assembled by our teams at the customer’s site.

Non-destructive testing cabinets : Applications

Lemer Pax NDT cabinets are fitted out and arranged according to the purpose for which they will be used:

  • Energy industry: maintenance of installations such as nuclear reactors, piping, turbines, etc.
  • Aeronautics, aerospace and the army: engines, fuselage parts, etc.
  • Oil industry: pipelines, tubes, bars, welds, tanks, etc.
  • Shipbuilding industry: hull inspections
  • Automotive industry: engine block inspections, alloy rims, etc.
  • Food inspection: metal and glass contaminant detection, etc.
  • Civil Engineering and construction: structural inspections and pathology detection.

Non-destructive testing cabinets : Features

Stand-alone cabinet Tube RX 450Kv 10mA

  1. Steel framework installation
  2. Lead plate installation
  3. Installation of the powered door and safety equipment
  4. Installation of cladding



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