WHY CHOOSE Free-standing X-ray cabinets

  • Optimum radiation protection
  • Reliable results
  • Customisation
  • Support
  • Manufacture of sub-assemblies
  • Modular and easy to transport
  • Quick and efficient installation


Free-standing X-ray cabinets: Presentation

To test large materials or structures, but also to integrate certain inspection systems, the construction of a freestanding X-ray cabinet may prove to be the best solution for you.
Lemer Pax provides guidance for the construction of this type of X-ray cabinet. The various components of your cabinet are manufactured as sub-assemblies on our premises, then assembled and certified on your site. A solution that is both modular and easy to transport.

Step to follow for creating your free-standing X-ray cabinets

  1. Preparation of the specifications: dimensions, volumes, specific requirements, source types, etc.
  1. Radiation protection calculations: definition of the radiation protection materials and their thicknesses
  1. Manufacture of sub-assemblies on our premises
  1. Installation of the metal framework on site
  1. Manufacture and implementation of the gamma or X-ray protection, using:
  • Lead panels (thickness up to 9 mm of lead)
  • Lead plates with interlocking chevron machining (thickness less than 45 mm)
  • Lead bricks (thickness 50 mm and over)
  1. Creation of a surface facing depending on your requirements (e.g. resistance to high temperatures, “clean room” appearance, etc.) and intended to protect the health of the operators by avoiding any direct contact with the lead
  1. Installation of ancillary and/or complementary radiation protection equipment:
  1. Installation of safety equipment: indicator lights on management electrical cabinet, lighting, door safety contacts, etc.
  1. Addition of optional equipment: cameras, air-conditioning, gantry, telescopic column, removable or servo-controlled door sills, etc.
  1. Validation of radiation protection by an accredited organisation: 100% guarantee of compliance


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