WHY CHOOSE One-piece cabinets

  • References: Général Electrique, Trixell, Thales Group, SNECMA, Aérospatiale, FAMAT, GRDF, ASTRIUM...


The non-destructive testing (NDT) is a set of methods used to characterise structural or material integrity, without damage, either during production or use, or as part of maintenance operations.

Lemer Pax NDT cabinets are fitted out and arranged according to the purpose for which they will be used. :

    • Energy industry: nuclear reactors, piping, turbines, etc. (maintenance of installations).
    • Aeronautics, aerospace and army: reactors, fuselage parts, etc.
    • Steel manufacturing, boilermaking and pipe.
    • Oil industry (pipelines, tubes, bars, welding, tanks).
    • Shipbuilding (hull testing).
    • Automobile industry (engine block testing, alloy rims, etc.).
    • Metal, glass… contaminant detection in food
    • Civil engineering and construction structural inspection and pathologies.



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