WHY CHOOSE Compact X-ray cabinets

  • Optimum radiation protection
  • Reliable results
  • Customisation
  • Support
  • Manufacture and installation in the workshop
  • Easy to transport and ready to use
  • Quick and efficient installation


Compact X-ray cabinets : presentation

To characterise small parts, components and materials, Lemer Pax relies on its long-standing expertise in the design and manufacture of standard and customised compact X-ray cabinets.

Steps to follow to create your compact X-ray cabinets

  1. Preparation of the specifications: dimensions, volumes, specific requirements, source types, etc.
  1. Radiation protection calculations: definition of the radiation protection materials and their thicknesses
  1. Determination of the type of framework depending on the lead thicknesses and assembly methods chosen:
  • For thin layers of lead (0.5 to 5 mm): “Sandwich” panels: Panoplomb® panels (shielded plywood support), Mélaplomb® (shielded laminated panel) or steel plates on metal framework.
  • For thicker layers of lead (from 5 mm): Lead supported on metal framework (good mechanical strength guaranteed – radiation protection continuity) and walls made of Steel – Lead – Steel layers.
  1. Manufacture and installation of the compact cabinet in our workshops
  1. Installation of safety equipment: indicator lights on management electrical cabinet, lighting, door safety contacts, etc.
  1. Addition of optional equipment: conveyors for motorised introduction removal of parts, ventilation, ergonomic handling trays, lift table, etc.
  1. Installation of ancillary and/or complementary radiation protection equipment:
  1. Validation of radiation protection by an accredited organisation: 100 % guarantee of compliance


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