WHY CHOOSE Shielded doors

  • Modular : available in all designs (concrete, steel, lead) and door types (swinging, sliding)
  • Integrated solution : prior to the design phase, Lemer Pax can calculate the biological protection values required
  • Customisation : made-to-measure services for areas of all sizes


Depending on the biological protection values needed or the specific requirements of our customers, Lemer Pax is able to offer several types of shielded doors guaranteeing total safety. As needed by the room layout, we can provide swing or sliding doors.

Made-to-measure services for areas of all sizes

Lemer Pax doors provide biological protection at the entrance to radiotherapy bunkers in the medical sector as well as to irradiation rooms (X-ray, gamma rays, neutrons), such as non-destructive testing cabinets in industry or cyclotron bunkers for producing radionuclides.

Shielded doors options

  • Security key
  • Audible alarm
  • Last person out button (security guard)
  • Finishes
  • Remote control at the control room console
  • Automatic threshold seal


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