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Thanks to its excellent ionising radiation attenuation properties and high light transmission, lead glass is used in the fields of medicine, industry and research to make screens and viewing windows when creating examination rooms. The glass is optically polished on both sides and is available in large dimensions to meet the requirements of radiology rooms, CT scanners, angiography, PET scanners, gamma cameras, panoramic dental x-rays and more.

Normal glass is not recommended for viewing windows in an x-ray control room. For example, in order to obtain a lead equivalence of 1 mm for voltage ranging from 50 to 150 Kv, normal glass must be 126.8 mm thick. By comparison, only 5 mm of lead glass is required to obtain equivalent protection.

  • Guaranteed visual comfort:

Lemer Pax lead glass is made from dense, high optical quality materials, providing excellent transmission of visible light (wavelength 400 to 700 nm) for good visual comfort and optimal safety. It is available as standard in 1 to 3.2 mm lead equivalent radiation shielding and in maximum sizes of 2380 x 1180 mm. It can be drilled and cut to your specifications.

  • A customised solution to meet all your needs:

The thickness of the shielded frame and the size of the window are tailored to each type of installation for direct incorporation into a wall or drywall composed of lead panels.

Two types of shielded frames are available:

  • Standard shielded red wood 2 mm to 6 mm
  • Optional PET Scan view shielded aluminium or steel profile 2 mm to 12.5 mm

Other finishes and thicknesses are available on request


  • Standard glass thickness: 7 to 8.5 mm, 2 mm lead equivalent at less than 150 Kvolts // 11 to 13 mm, 3.2 mm lead equivalent at less than 150 Kvolts // Other glass thicknesses on request
  • Glass size: H. 2390 x W. 1180 mm max. // (H. 2400 x W. 1200 mm overall) // Cut to size on request
  • Finishes: wood, steel, aluminium, lacquered


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