WHY CHOOSE Viewing windows

  • Option : flush window frame
  • Available with different lead equivalences
  • Dimensions and shielding to measure upon request


Lead glass viewing windows are designed to provide users with a combination of full visibility and adapted protection.

The thickness of the shielded frame and the size of the lead glass window are adapted to each type of installation, based on a study carried out by our design teams. With their dimensions and customised shields, PET Scan View and Gamma Scan View screens can be perfectly integrated into any premises in accordance with the requirements and applications of the different services.

By allowing light to enter rooms that are usually closed. Whether in PET and SPECT examination rooms, it ensures safe patient monitoring. Installed in laboratories and radiopharmacies, it is improving the comfort of users on a daily basis.

User radiation protection takes priority with shielding thicknesses that can range from 2 to 12.5 mm for PET-CT rooms, for example.

In order to increase robustness and to prevent oxidization, it is also possible to produce these viewing windows in laminated lead glass (optional). A very high level of security can also be achieved with the EI30 option, which allows the integration of these very large shielded screens into fire walls or partitions.


  • Radiation protection in lead equivalence: 3 mm / 5 mm / 7,5 mm / 12,5 mm
  • Total dimensions as standard: L 1 600 x H 1 100 mm
  • Frame size: L 1 410 x H 910 mm
  • Frame materials:
    - Standard red wood lead (from 2 mm to 6 mm)
    - Optional aluminium or lead steel profile (from 2 mm to 12.5 mm)
  • Lead glass dimensions: L 1 348 x H 854 mm
  • Lead glass minimum density: 4,36
  • Weight: 105 kg / 150 kg / 220 kg / 360 kg


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