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WHY CHOOSE Safeview®

  • Total safety: full radiation protection of 2 or 3 mm lead equivalence
  • Unsurpassed hygiene: very easy and fast disinfection
  • Vision +: unequalled transparency without alteration over time
  • Strengh: high mechanical resistance (impacts and scratches)


With its exclusive technology, the Safeview® radiation protection viewing window guarantees full radiation protection while offering unprecedented transparency for optimum viewing comfort. Safeview® is patented and guarantees the aseptic conditions and a leakproof seal.

Safeview® viewing window: transparent and providing radiation protection

The ultra-flat design, with no flexible seals or corners, allows easy and complete disinfection of the entire window area. Its laminated lead safety glass is also highly resistant to impact and scratches and can be disinfected quickly and regularly without any degradation of its light transmission over time.

The transparent Safeview viewing window providing radiation protection is the hygienic continuity of the new smooth surfaces used for the finish of aseptic rooms for radiopharmacies, laboratories and examination rooms.

The Safeview® anti-radiation window is available in 2 mm et 3 mm lead equivalence, each in 3 dimensions.

Its innovative attachment system guarantees a totally leakproof seal. It is quick and easy to install, without the need for any specific tools.


  • Overall dimensions: L 1 357 mm x H 957 mm / L 1 357 x H 1 157 mm / L 1 957 x H 1 157 mm
  • Radiation protection: 2 mm Lead eq. / 3 mm Lead eq.
  • Lead glass dimensions: L 1 200 x H 800 mm / L 1 200 x H 1000 mm / L 1 800 x H 1000 mm
  • Frame: Neutral anodised aluminium frame with lead shielding
  • Frame size: L 1 227 x H 827 mm / L 1 227 x H 1 027 mm / L 1 827 x H 1 027 mm
  • Lead glass minimum density: 4,36
  • Weight: 80 kg / 100 kg / 124 kg / 144 kg / 182 kg


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