Creation of shielded rooms

You want to install an X-ray cabinet in existing premises not intended for non-destructive testing: offices, laboratories, test bench or inspection bench
for elements generating X-rays, showroom, etc.?
Based on its vast experience and its extensive catalogue of radiation protection solutions, Lemer Pax can propose an offer that adapts perfectly to all existing environments.

Modernisation – Retrofit

Whether for the retrofitting of your installations further to an internal audit (RPO) or an external audit (accredited organisation) or for the acquisition of a new X-ray generator requiring the modernisation of your infrastructures and its equipment, Lemer Pax proposes adapted solutions that fully comply with the criteria of standard NF C15-160.

For all these situations, Lemer Pax proposes the solution adapted to your requirements and needs, guaranteeing radiation protection continuity and/or providing additional equipment for your installations:

  • Shielded doors: swing or sliding, motorised or manual, etc.
  • Lead glass viewing windows
  • Shielded baffles
  • Light partitions with lead panels thin layer of lead (0.5 to 5 mm thickness)
  • Heavy partitions with metal framework: lead interlocking chevrons and/or plates (from 5 mm thick)

Standard NF C15-160

AFNOR standard NF C15-160 includes the provisions concerning radiological installations. It lays down a legal framework for fixed and mobile radiological installations.
Updated in 2018, this standard concerns fixed installations or those frequently used in the same room, generating X-rays in medical, veterinary, industrial or scientific environments.


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