WHY CHOOSE Radiation shielding windows

  • Robust : ultra impact resistant
  • Quality : high mechanical properties of glass
  • Transparency : optical quality (no mirror effect)
  • Maintenance : can be repaired at low cost and easily cleaned with common cleaning products

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Radiation shielding windows : Presentation

After many years of research and development, Lemer Pax is today a leader in lead glass block manufacturing. 

The Lemer Pax range of radiation shielding windows includes four different types of designs to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Type A: Lead glass block
  • Type B: Lead glass window (with steel or stainless steel frame)
  • Type C: Lead glass shielded window with steel or stainless steel frame incorporating shielding
  • Type D: Multi-block lead glass radiation shielding window (designed for very high attenuation requirements)

Radiation shielding windows : Applications

Radiation shielding windows are mainly used in industry and research, in waste reprocessing plants and laboratories. They guarantee optimal visual control during operations carried out on radioactive sources or materials inside hot cells.

To determine the necessary attenuation of the radiation shielding window, a number of specifications must be taken into account:

  • The nature and thickness of the wall into which the window will be fitted
  • The nature of the reference radionuclide and its activity (or for X-rays, the generator specifications)
  • The desired dose rate on the operator side
  • The position of the radioactive source (distance from the inner wall)
  • The annual exposure time and operating time for calculating the accumulated dose

This information makes it possible to select the type or types of glass to be used for the window:

  • High density lead glass (LPX 650 – LPX700 – LPX800) for its high radiation attenuation capacity,
  • Stabilised lead glass (LPX200) for its attenuation and resistance to radiation without darkening
  • Stabilised glass (LPX100) for its high resistance to radiation

Under exposure to constant high radiation, the glass can lose its transparency (use limit of high density blocks: 103 Gy).

The radiation shielding window may also act as a firestop.

In addition to this range of radiation shielding windows, Lemer Pax also offers the following products:

  • Alpha Glass : placed on the hot side, this glass provides cell containment and protection against mechanical damage to the window glass. Alpha glass, patented without organic material, has very high radiation resistance and requires no maintenance during the service life of the window.
  • Protective glass : placed on the cold side, this glass protects the lead glass blocks
  • Machined lead glass glove box walls
  • All types of technical glass requiring protection against radiation

Radiation shielding windows : Options

  • Housing (or frame) for radiation shielding window (Type D) to be incorporated into the structural wall


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