L'équipe Atox entoure Pierre-Marie Lemer, Valérie Chevreul et Frédéric Laurent (bureau de représentation du CIC au Japon)

Strengthening of the French-Japanese partnership for Lemer Pax

Last January, Valérie Chevreul, Managing Director, and Pierre-Marie Lemer, CEO at Lemer Pax, have completed a sales mission in Japan. This trip was an opportunity to forge closer links with our Japanese partners in nuclear protection, and reach out to a key market – the world’s second biggest for medical devices. A series of meetings – with Tokyo Sangyo, Marubeni, Atox, Tebco, Nippon Electric Glass and Century Medical Inc (distributor for Cathpax® radioprotection cabins), were held at a sustained pace in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Indeed, over the years, Lemer Pax has built up an excellent collaboration with the senior leadership of these major companies. Today, within the context of the new Japanese ‘Abenomics’ economic policy, French-Japanese partnerships are focused on the development of new exchanges – especially in high-added value and innovative sectors. This is a real godsend for Lemer Pax, which must make the most of this new stage in bilateral relations, and highlight its presence in Japan.

To this end, the Lemer Pax management met at the French Embassy in Tokyo with Ms Florence Jeanblanc-Risler (Head of the Regional Economic Department and Minister-Councillor for Economic Affairs) in order to discuss development of the Lemer Pax activity in Asia. By the end of 2014, a new mission will set out for Japan, aimed at building new market opportunities in the nuclear field, and meeting with all of the sector’s key players.