QuantiCardi® at the heart of “Isotop Valley®”

The QuantiCardi® project has been accredited by “Atlanpole Biothérapies” as part of the cluster’s radiopharmaceuticals theme. It targets the preindustrial development of innovative devices dedicated to cardiac imaging using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). This project, funded by the 12th IMF (Inter Ministerial Fund) is in line with the territory’s development strategy, which aims to create a network of academic and industrial partners having a long tradition of involvement in the field of nuclear medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

The goal of the QuantiCardi® project is to offer actors (doctors, radiopharmacists, physicians, etc.) a turnkey solution to enable early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. Indeed, the complementarity of the associates involved in this project will allow the course of the diagnostic process to be closely controlled, from production of the radioisotope by the Arronax cyclotron to interpretation of patient images by the doctor. Lemer Pax, having been at the forefront of this collaborative process from the outset, is in charge of the production of two medical devices: the generator and the associated injector, containing the 21st century drugs. Both devices offer sophisticated traceability and safety features. In addressing this challenge, Lemer Pax trusts in the highly-qualified engineers it has recruited and assigned to this programme. Valérie Chevreul, Managing Director, and Administrator of Atlanpole Biothérapies, explains why Lemer Pax is so attached to this partnership.

We have a strong belief in this project, in which we have been involved since the very beginning. Along with our partners: Keosys, Arronax, Université de Nantes (Subatech, IRCCyN and CRCNA), it is a matter of creating a structured radiopharmaceutical sector, with strong visibility at both national and international levels. QuantiCardi® must become the symbol of the academic, economic and industrial performance of the ‘Isotop Valley®‘ we’d all like to see. By the end of 2014, all of the technological and technical diffi culties concerning the injector and generator will be sorted out. The pre-industrial phase will follow on during the year 2015 for the generator, and in November 2015 for the injector. We really are entering into the operational phase of this project”. Above all, this stage must be a complete success.