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ISOTOP4LIFE a consortium dedicated to personalised medical care

ISOTOP4LIFE is currently Europe’s most extensive and integrated network in the radioapharmacy sector“, in the opinion of Jean-François Gestin (Director of Research at the INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research) and co-founder of Chelatec).

The structuring of the sector, located within the «Atlanpole Biotherapies» competitiveness cluster, allows the companies and research teams to be identified at a global level, and to submit proposals for requests and calls for tender that are now lodged from throughout Europe, Japan and the United States.

The unique specificity of the ISOTOP4LIFE radiopharmaceutical sector is that it covers the entire radiopharmacy process“, as pointed out by Jean-François Gestin. Sponsored by the “Atlanpole Biotherapies” competitiveness cluster, local businesses with substantial development potential benefit from an innovative ecosystem and a collective energy input. As such, the recent launch of the “Fabrique” to respond to the “Connect Talent” call for projects launched recently by the Pays de la Loire region, aims at creating a radiopharmaceutical substance production centre with commercial and clinical intent for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

As Jean-François Balducchi (Delegate General of Atlanpole) makes clear, “The objective is to recruit international talents, a consortium of industrial and academic partners to submit product and services solutions (R&D, coordination industrialisation, communication…) to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries“. The main objective of ISOTOP4LIFE is to develop a specific offer for the use of radio-isotopes, by pooling the resources, the structure and the actors. ISOTOP4LIFE facilitates the use of radiopharmaceutical products for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.