CP_Groupe Confluent et Lemer Pax partenaires

New nuclear medicine system: Lemer Pax Partners with Confluent Group

After being operational partners for several years, Confluent and Lemer Pax have decided to officialise their partnership. Lemer Pax is providing the hospital with the new generation Posijet® radiopharmaceutical injection system for 3 months. The test phase will demonstrate the benefits of this technological innovation for patients and the clinical staff. It will also be an opportunity to cement the ties between the two Nantes-based businesses.

The Posijet®

Lemer Pax is the first company to have developed a mobile unit for the preparation and injection of drugs radiolabelled with positron-emitting radionuclides: the Posijet®. Based on its many years of experience, Lemer Pax has introduced the new Posijet®, which incorporates the latest embedded technologies. Posijet® offers optimal radiation protection for operators, and an unprecedented level of precision during preparation and injection. Operators can choose between manual or automatic injection mode for added safety. Posijet® is Wi-Fi-enabled so it always has the latest updated patient lists. With the new dilution function, Posijet® can use 100% of the radioactive stock solution, for more flexible patient management and efficient purchasing of radiopharmaceuticals.

Special features that make the new generation Posijet® better than the rest:

  • Additional controls and monitoring of the doses administered
  • The ability to use single-dose concentrated vials thanks to the dilution function
  • Readily available information about the quantities injected and the remaining activity in the vial for efficient drug ordering and lower costs for the hospital
  • Better integration into the hospital’s IT system
  • Power-assisted wheels for easy handling and to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)
  • In automatic mode, the patient doesn’t feel the injection at all

Confluent Group: a new world of health

Confluent Private Hospital
The Confluent Group is a private hospital providing consultations and short stay inpatient procedures in internal medicine, surgery and oncology. It also has a 24-hour emergency service.
Located in Nantes, the Confluent Private Hospital is composed of the Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises and the Catherine de Sienne Centre. These two medical centres share their site with a Bioloire medical laboratory, a radiology centre (IRIS GRIM), a French Red Cross functional rehabilitation centre and an Écho haemodialysis unit.
The Confluent Private Hospital offers its patients a wide range of care with nearly 200 practitioners (doctors and health professionals) practising some thirty specialities and more than 1,000 employees (nursing, administrative and technical staff, etc.).
The Confluent Group and its medical community are committed to developing a full-service healthcare centre in a single location.

Nuclear medicine at the Confluent Private Hospital
The Nuclear Medicine Department carries out examinations (scintigraphy, PET scans) to diagnose and/or treat disorders throughout the body by injecting contrast agents containing radioisotopes. The latest generation equipment (Gamma camera, PET scan) and radiopharmaceuticals are handled by highly qualified personnel. The department provides consultations and inpatient care at the Confluent Hospital.
The nuclear medicine unit at the Catherine de Sienne Centre performs 1840 PET scans involving 1840 injections of radiopharmaceuticals annually.

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