The solution: Acquisition on an autonomous fractionation and injection unit

When the search began for a suitable automated system, the Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre drew up a strict set of technical specifications. They covered a range of criteria: size, shielding, maximum vial size and maximum permitted radioactivity, minimum volume administered, ergonomics and manoeuvrability, safety, cost, maintenance and compatibility with the centre’s transport containers. During the tendering process, PETIC looked at 4 different automated systems. Their first choice was Posijet® from Lemer Pax! Never before installed in the UK, the company’s independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals was already well-established throughout the rest of Europe. Particularly appreciated for its optimised technical performances, the Posijet® independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals also allows the centre to optimise injected radiotracer doses, for the benefit and safety of both patients and workers.


We're really satisfied with our new Posijet® injector. It's proved to be very reliable, and has significantly reduced the level of radiation to which our medical team is exposed. What's more, the precision of the Posijet® system allows us – as an FDG producer – to maximise the dosage of FDG in our vials, and thus to inject more patients.

Professor Chris MARSHALL
PhD, Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre (PETIC) / Cardiff / United Kingdom

Installation a bespoke support service

Before the Posijet® system could be deployed, PETIC had to make a few adjustments: reorganising the pharmaceutical lab, improving the centre’s wi-fi connection, scheduling training sessions – and even learning a bit of French vocabulary!

témoignage-mike de wett

From a Radiographer’s perspective, the Posijet® is extremely user friendly and simple to use. With its compact design and Wifi application, the Posijet® has proved its versatility in manoeuvring and communication within the PET imaging centre. The Lemer Pax team gave our clinical staff expert training and continue to offer support if needed.

Senior Radiographer Nuclear Medicine/PET-CT, Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre (PETIC) / Cardiff / United Kingdom

In early June 2017, a team of Lemer Pax engineers was dispatched to oversee the theoretical and practical training sessions which would enable the centre’s medical team to rapidly get to grips with Posijet® and start using their new tool. The dedicated Posijet team also provided support during the first injections: a great source of reassurance during the roll-out phase, ensuring a safe deployment process which was much appreciated by the new users. Result: the first injection of a radiopharmaceutical product delivered with the Posijet® system took place in only the second week of June! As soon as the new Posijet® unit was installed, the PETIC team was impressed by just how easy it is to use and to manoeuvre – despite its imposing 380kg mass – thus minimising the risk of physical strain for operators.

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Case Study - PETIC Cardiff - Posijet - Lemer Pax

The results

A reliable, functional system for the automated preparation and injection of radiopharmarceutical products (FDG).

  • Radiation protection for employees
  • Easier handling of the increasing workload
  • Improved traceability
  • More convenient for operators


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