Posijet - Lemer Pax

Posijet®: The history of an exemplary partnership presented at the JFMN congress

The latest version of Posijet®, a mobile unit for the preparation and injection of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals, has become the compact and mobile reference solution for nuclear medicine services. Designed by Lemer Pax, optimized in collaboration with the Confluent Group, Posijet® V3 is a great success in France and internationally.

The Francophone Nuclear Medicine Days (JFMN), from 18 to 21 May, at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes (France), will enable Lemer Pax and the Nantes Confluent hospital group to display the results of a successful collaborative work around the Posijet®, marked by the signature of a partnership agreement last March. After several months of use in the nuclear medicine department of the Confluent Group and over 1,000 patients injected with 4 different tracers of 18F, Lemer Pax was able to refine its latest version of Posijet® V3 and adapt it to the needs of users.

Thus, to ensure greater comfort of the latter in the injection room and PET scan room, the latest software update multiplies the new functionalities by connecting always more the Posijet® to the IS of the hospital: real-time visualization, drug configuration, lists of injections performed and quality controls result are now accessible remotely on touch-screen tablets or smartphones.

Rationalization and optimization of the activity at the service of the patient

Thanks to the presence of an air vent with a 0.22 μm filter, Posijet® can now proceed to dilutions of the mother solution. This operation makes it possible to avoid the high concentrations at the beginning of the session but also to recover all the activity present in the vial and contributes to the optimization of the quantities of tracers 18F by the radiopharmacy and hence, reduces costs for the service. The Posijet® now performs a volumetric check in about 1m30 and can reassign a prepared dose in the event that the intended patient is canceled.

If the concern for the smooth running of the service is taken into account, the patient’s interest is paramount. With the new dose preparation algorithm, the minimum prescription can now reach 100 μl of radiopharmaceutical sampled in the vial for an finer and more controlled injection. These new functionalities will soon be installed in all nuclear medicine departments equipped with Posijet® in France and abroad before other versions will appear and further develop the technology to serve the patient through the iterative and collaborative innovation process between Lemer Pax and the Confluent Group.