Pierre Le Boucher (Ardian) 1er bizuth de la 4eme etape de la Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro 2017 entre Concarneau et Dieppe - le 23/06/2017

Lemer Pax and Pierre Leboucher together in the Solitaire du Figaro solo yacht race

Lemer Pax likes to build trusting relationships with its industrial partners. Loyalty and mutual trust are fundamental factors for success. Sailboat racing is another area in which long-term relationships play a key role. Lemer Pax supports Pierre Leboucher, who posted an amazing performance by finishing 2nd in the “bizuth” or novice category, and 15th overall in the last Figaro solo race.

After having been a member of France’s 470 Olympic team for many years, participating in the London Olympics and the World Championships, Pierre Leboucher has decided to change course. Moving away from coastal regattas, he is now bringing his sailing expertise to offshore racing. He recently participated for the first time as a “bizuth” in the famous Figaro Solo Race. He doesn’t need coffee to stay awake. ”I slept only two hours during the last stage, which lasted 4 days. It’s amazing how much the human body can take. The desire to perform well makes you forget how tired you are and helps you maintain total concentration. You just need to remain focused when you making tactical decisions.”

Lemer Pax and Pierre Leboucher: High expectations, high standards and tenacity as common denominators

Skill is the key factor! All the more so in this race where the skippers are competing on a level playing field, in the same type of boat. Risk-taking, planning, strategy, precision and tenacity, and of course performance, are words that apply to industry as well as to offshore racing. Whether sailing upwind, with the spinnaker, in calm conditions or in strong wind, agility and the ability to readjust are what you need to perform at a high level. Pierre Leboucher, second in the bizuth category in this demanding and exhausting race, made a strong debut this year among the best international racing skippers, paralleling Lemer Pax’s success in the international arena. These two adventures are carried out with the same concern for environmental issues and sustainability. Pierre Leboucher will come talk about his experience in September at Lemer Pax.