Happy in the workplace

After moving into a well-lit modular building that improves its agility, in a green setting along the banks of the Erdre River, Lemer Pax has redesigned its digital platform with the help of the agency Evolve, “which has extensive experience dealing with the business issues associated with the rise of social media and direct customer engagement”, as president and founder Yann Dacquay explains.

This new identity reflects the two pillars that have made Lemer Pax the world leader in the field of radiation protection innovation: innovation, precision and excellence; and human resources management, collaborative work and sustainability

Today, Lemer Pax is launching its new website and laying the first bricks of a strong and meaningful digital ecosystem. According to Valérie Chevreul, General Manager:

‘Lemer Pax is a company that operates in a collaborative and cross-cutting manner with prestigious partners in France and worldwide, and customers are our primary focus. An ergonomic and efficient workplace, a brand identity that is faithful to our values and a strong digital ambition are the best ways to address these issues, reflecting a profound transformation of the company towards new services and new ranges of high-tech, environmentally-friendly and recyclable radiation protection equipment.