Homme-Poisson - Lemer Pax

Lemer Pax: applying our ecological policy each day

Lemer Pax has set itself a goal through its slogan: ‘Protecting life’. This is our firm’s purpose, the undertaking we state loudly and clearly to our customers, partners and employees. It finds expression in our practice of social responsibility. Indeed, we are convinced that our social and environmental initiatives are drivers of performance and success, both for ourselves and society.

An effective, ambitious approach to CSR

In its business activities, Lemer Pax and its partners are continually developing new ranges of radiation protection materials that are ever more ecological and recyclable, and reprocessed at the end of their life cycles.

But Lemer Pax’s contribution to sustainable development goes beyond its breadth of expertise. Indeed, the company has undertaken to implement a concrete CSR policy, expressed in many initiatives:

  • Commitment to saving bees and conservation of biodiversity and the local ecosystem through the company’s sponsorship of the local beekeeping firm Bee & Cie
  • Delivery of organic, seasonal, locally produced fruit and vegetables straight to the company’s premises
  • Waste selection for all the company’s activities
  • End of plastic-cup use on the entire site
  • Raising employees’ awareness of sea pollution from plastics, through contributions from the eco-artist Stéphanie Lerner
  • Taking part in the scientific and oceanographic mission Pelagos, alongside the firm Sea Proven, with the purpose of reducing the many collisions that occur between vessels and cetaceans in the Mediterranean sea (find out more)

L’Homme-poisson: Fishman, a symbol of Lemer Pax’s ecological undertakings

Wanting to represent its ecological conscience, the company acquired a sculpture by Arnaud Kasper this month. Lemer Pax employees therefore welcomed a rather special newcomer: a fishman! As a new emblem of the company, the fishman (L’Homme-poisson) startles us with its shape and story.

Indeed, when Arnaud Kasper—the fishman’s creator—took part in his first transatlantic sailing-boat crossing in 1993, he had ‘a revelation’. He observed that pollution was harming the oceans. That convinced him to change the course of his life. He therefore became an artist, choosing to work with bronze: ‘I’ll become a sculptor to convey messages’. And that is how his fishman, with its 360°-vision whale eyes, was born. A powerful work of art—both troubled and troubling—that alerts us to ecological catastrophes.

The contours are simple,’ he says. ‘When you look at it horizontally, it’s a fish; when you look at it vertically, it’s a man,’ explains Arnaud Kasper. The fishman can be viewed at several locations, in all forms: as a pendant, as a 7m-high monument and now at Lemer Pax.

To find out more about the fishman and its creator, read the different interviews and web pages (in  French) from which this article’s quotations are taken:


Homme-Poisson - Lemer Pax

Homme-Poisson – Lemer Pax