Valérie Chevreul, Directrice Générale Lemer Pax

Lemer Pax strengthens its commitment to quality

At the end of 2013, as part of a comprehensive plan to improve its services, prepared with the collaboration of the entire staff, the company has implemented a broad plan for skill development. Lemer Pax is upgrading its IT system, product quality, R&D and its sales team. Valérie Chevreul, Managing Director of Lemer Pax commented on significant examples demonstrating this general trend.

The objective of the creation of the IT, Embedded Systems, Dosimetry and Calculations for Protection against Radiation (I.E.C.) department under the responsibility of Benjamin Félix, is to validate the in-house integration of seven years of systems development. The team includes Pierre
Poignonec, Thibaut Merny and Coralie Guyot and a future systems engineer will join them in January. “This independence in terms of IT solutions will improve the responsiveness of the company and its ability to innovate, as emphasised by Valérie Chevreul. This organisation will also involve improving our collective ability to move in the right direction. The increasing need for engineering and the fast-growing technological developments require a certain degree of flexibility in today’s highly competitive environment. We are definitely shifting from the traditional industrial business to a world of increasingly sophisticated systems. We have grown from a certain simplicity to a more complex world. It has thus become essential to combine our skills“, says the Managing Director.

We are definitely shifting the traditional industrial company towards a world of systems

The creation of the Lemer Pax platform has been reviewed to improve service in all sectors. “Moving from imaging to therapy requires a wider range of responsibilities and skills, from the appropriate staff especially considering the connection technology of the Lemer Pax products” adds Valérie Chevreul. Considering this framework, we have recruited a scientific expert to join the Calculations group, a historical department of
Lemer Pax. This first restructuring phase should be completed by the end of February, however, the first results in terms of quality have already been achieved. “A full engineering cycle shall be developed, explains Benjamin Félix, to improve the design phases“.

All our products shall bear a double validation certification sticker

Lemer Pax is improving the quality of its commitment. “Our desire was to evolve beyond the company’s previously achieved standards (Iso 9001, Iso 13485, CE and GMP) and impose high standards for the quality validation of our products, confirms Valérie Chevreul prior to adding that in specific terms this means that all the products shall progressively feature a double internal validation certification sticker. This commitment guarantee shall be shown on all of our products during the first half of 2014. We are also implementing an in-house “quality” commitment chart forming the basis of the entire system. Finally, a new member that has demonstrated extensive customer expertise shall join the After Sales Service team for the nuclear medicine range“.