Sage 100Cloud_Lemer Pax

Lemer Pax upgrades its information system with the Sage 100cloud solution

In 2017, Lemer Pax decided to upgrade its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They chose a solution composed of several Sage modules to create a unified information system integrating all the company’s business lines to best meet the needs of their customers

Installed in 2008, their legacy ERP solution, operating on a closed architecture, was becoming less and less suited to the company’s needs. It was clear that they would have to change systems to address their key issue, production management.

Lemer Pax contracted with ADSI to conduct a very detailed audit based on the analysis of 7 business lines. The ADSI solution selected is a suite composed of the modules Sage 100cloud Accounting, Sage 100cloud Business Management and Sage 100cloud Production Management. “The Sage suite manages sales flows, finance and accounting, purchasing, logistics and of course production, from the design office to scheduling and manufacturing launch,” says Lemer Pax’s Information Systems Director.

Sage 100Cloud_Lemer Pax

The migration in early 2018 provided an opportunity to change the production management logic. As an innovative company, Lemer Pax needed a tool like the Sage 100cloud suite to continue to grow on the global market. “We accelerated our ability to bring products to market, including tools that complement our equipment. Thanks to the 100% traceability of the parts and the ability to access all the documents attached to each production within our ERP, it is much easier than before to expand our range.”

The Sage 100cloud suite has greatly strengthened the company’s cohesion, explains the IS Director: “Since the migration to the Sage 100cloud suite, we have gained better business visibility and better communication amongst each other.” Now everyone has unlimited access to the functions they need, so they can operate in a process of collective intelligence.

Lemer Pax’s information system will gradually be further enhanced with additional bricks. For example, the CRM module will be integrated, with the possibility of mobile access. Each production and logistics workstation will also be equipped with tablets. Finally, CMMS is the third component of this project, with the possibility of integrating after-sales service into the single information system.

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