EANM 2017 - Vienne - Lemer Pax & Medisytem

EANM 2017: collaboration for innovation!

With our constant desire to anticipate and innovate, Lemer Pax, active member of the Isotop4Life centre of excellence, will exhibit under the Isotop4Life banner for the next edition of the EANM congress in Vienna. This consortium hosted by Atlanpole Biotherapies brings together the major players in the radiopharmaceutical sector in Western France and provides comprehensive offerings leveraging leading edge expertise in the therapies of the future.

Complete immersion

For the 30th annual Congress in Vienna, Lemer Pax has decided to present our range in a whole new way, offering customers an immersion in a virtual nuclear medicine department. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to discover all of the features of our products in a dedicated environment, guided by an application engineer and an operator at the Cardiff University PET Imaging Centre. This will give users hands-on experience with the products they operate every day. It is also an opportunity to discuss new practices and the latest advances in the field of therapeutic research. This innovative initiative corresponds to Lemer Pax’s CSR policy designed to limit our carbon footprint. The logistics are less complicated and the products are presented in an educational and entertaining way.

Démonstration 3.0

Users can also see the radiopharmaceutical preparation hot cells in perspective and manipulate them in 3D. The latest version of the high-energy Posijet® injector developed by our design office in close collaboration with the operators features a new and improved interface and ingenious fluid technology.