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12 July 2021

Non-Destructive Testing guarantees reliability!

Non-Destructive Testing is to a material what medical imaging is to the human body! Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) refers to all of the processes and techniques that shed light on the integrity, any leaks and the compliance of a material or...
19 May 2021

Lemer Pax and Idealex are teaming up to serve you better

Lemer Pax and Idealex have just signed a partnership agreement. This move is inspired by a shared drive to satisfy customers and complementary ranges of biological shielding solutions and products. Lemer Pax and Idealex are joining forces to serve you...
18 December 2019

Lemer Pax voyage to the centre of the earth

Lemer Pax has just made the last delivery of a low background activity shielded castle, an exceptionally large compilation of 100 tonnes of ultra-pure materials intended for the daring American-Canadian SuperCDMS SNOLAB* project for which Fermilab, America’s premier national laboratory...
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