Posijet®, solutions you can trust

For Lemer Pax, Posijet® is a symbol of the great technological progress we have made and the close partnerships we continue to forge with healthcare professionals.

At last October’s EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) trade fair in Barcelona, we showed off Posijet’s® superior capacities and ease of use to the many nuclear medical professionals who visited the Lemer Pax stand.

Feedback confirms increased reliability

Since launching last year, Le Posijet® has been tested by the very best. With an operational partnership which has gone from strength to strength over the years, Confluent (Centre Catherine de Sienne and Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises) and Lemer Pax have both accumulated a wealth of feedback and concrete results.

This March, Lemer Pax equipped the Princesse Grâce and Catherine de Sienne clinics with the latest generation of Posijet® radio-pharmaceutical injection technology.

This partnership has helped us to achieve a better understanding of patients’ injection patterns, and the new technology has had tangible benefits. The latest version offers optimal radioprotection for operators, and an unprecedented level of precision in the preparation and injection phases: manual or automatic injection and Wi-Fi mode are just some of the features which have helped to make Posijet® the intuitive, easy-to-use tool of choice for nuclear medicine specialists. The new dilution function allows technicians to use 100% of the radioactive stock solution, with greater flexibility for patient management.

Bespoke services from Lemer Pax

In addition to the technological breakthroughs which have made Lemer Pax so popular with healthcare professionals, our clients are unanimous in their praise of our services. They frequently compliment the responsiveness of our team, whose follow-up and support work is tailored to their needs. The feedback from these ongoing dialogues has helped to shape the development of Posijet®. For example, at the Children’s Hospital of Athens doctors succeeded in safely injecting young children by precisely adjusting the dosage used. This operation serves to demonstrate both the great potential of Posijet® and the advantages of our collaborative development philosophy. In terms of both reliability and connective capacity, the latest generation of Posijet® technology is delivering excellent results.