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Posijet® preparation and injection unit: versatility and performance

During the next fully virtual edition of French Days on Nuclear Medicine (JFMN congress), special attention will be paid to the role of PET in nuclear medicine. This will be the perfect opportunity to showcase the Posijet® high-energy radiopharmaceutical preparation and injection unit, which adapts to your daily uses and guarantees optimum radiation protection. On the programme, focus on its compatibility with numerous radiopharmaceuticals, increased radiation protection, its ability to inject two patients at the same time and its special design for paediatric use!

In France, as in the other French-speaking countries, the Lemer Pax Posijet® preparation and injection unit has met with considerable success with over 320 user who have chosen it for its everyday versatility and performance, a number which is increasing steadily despite the current health crisis! In the last three years alone, over 500 000 patient-injections have been performed using this independent fractionation unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. Summary of the Posijet® advantages and features.

The Posijet® is already compatible with 8 radiopharmaceuticals

Innovation is a core component of Lemer Pax culture. By anticipating tomorrow’s needs and by making continuous improvement an essential part of its DNA, Lemer Pax relies on innovation to guarantee the reliability and performance of the solutions proposed. To date for example, eight PET diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are already compatible with Posijet®, while studies are being conducted on other radiopharmaceuticals!

Whether fluorine-18 labelled radiopharmaceuticals, the most widely used on a routine basis such as 18F-FDG, 18F-CH, 18F-FDOPA and 18F-FNa or gallium-68 labelled radiopharmaceuticals such as 68-Ga-PSMA-11 (for prostate cancer imaging) or 68GA-DOTATOC (for the detection of digestive neuroendocrine tumours), the Posijet® preparation and injection unit adapts to the fractionation and injection of numerous radiopharmaceuticals, while always guaranteeing optimum radiation protection for the extremities and the whole body of operators handling these high-energy radiopharmaceuticals.

New this year: pharmaceutical compatibility of Posijet® with the fractionation of 13N-ammonia during cardiac PET examinations. In Switzerland, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), customer of Lemer Pax, have expressed a real need to reduce the dose at the extremities of preparers in the context of the planned increase in the number of cardiac PET patients injected with 13N-ammonia. In close collaboration with the HUG nuclear medical staff, Lemer Pax took up the challenge by integrating an innovating improvement into the Posijet®: offer the possibility of preparing the 13N-ammonia patient doses automatically, despite the very short half-life of 13N (just 10 minutes!) while significantly improving the radiation protection at the extremities of the preparers.

Constantly improved radiation protection with Posijet®

A detailed station study demonstrated that the doses received at the extremities of the preparers could be reduced by 98 % compared with manual dose preparation.

According to the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) in the HUG nuclear medicine ward, Posijet® drastically reduced the doses at the extremities when preparing syringes. Using the Posijet®, over 3000 patient doses of 13N-Ammonia have been prepared in the ward since 2019 under very optimised radiation protection conditions, especially as regards the extremities.

Posijet®, helping you to increase the activity of your ward

In addition, to meet the need to inject two patients at the same time in wards equipped with two PET-CT cameras, a new feature has been specifically deployed, proving especially useful for the 13N-ammonia injections performed at the HUG. Two patients can now be injected almost simultaneously using a dedicated peripheral injection system.

Consequently, a single unit, the Posijet®, can considerably increase the number of patients accepted for PET examinations in the nuclear medicine wards, while increasing the number of daily examinations made possible by the latest innovations developed by the PET-CT manufacturers.

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A specific design for the Posijet® dedicated to children

Special care taken to give the Posijet® a reassuring design to put children at ease

The Posijet® injection unit has received specific certification for paediatric use. Apart from optimising its parameters to adapt to paediatric procedures, considerable attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the Posijet® with the creation of a design especially intended for children representing an “imaginary robot”. Giving the Posijet® a happy face makes the treatment less stressful for the young patients. The paediatric version of the Posijet® is now operational in the nuclear medicine ward of “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital in Athens (Greece), but its new look is also attracting other hospitals such as the Rodez University Hospital (CHU) in France, which has chosen this fun design for their routine PET scans.

Presentation video of the preparation and-injection unit Posijet®

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