Posijet® in the spotlights @BNMS

PETIC Cardiff operators take the opportunity of this 50th edition of the British Nuclear Medicine Society congress to present a poster including a complete dosimetry study of the implementation of an automated FDG injector designed by Lemer Pax, Posijet®.

Indeed, facing a significant increase in body and extremity doses to operators dispensing, administrating and scanning patients, Chris Marshall – PETIC Cardiff director – opted for the acquisition of an automated injector to achieve operator dose optimisation. Staff extremity and body doses fell during the first 3 months of operation demonstrating its success.

He confirms he made the right choice: “We have been very happy with our new Posijet® system. It has proven to be very reliable and has significantly reduced our staff radiation doses. In addition, as FDG producer, the recent increase in maximum concentration capability has enabled us to put more FDG into a single vial and scan more patients from a single  production.”.

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