• Radiation protection : maximum radiation protection in hostile environments thanks to a cab equipped with laminated lead glass (which is also ultra impact-resistant). The cab is pressurised (filtered air) and air-conditioned. The electronics and the communication system are built-in and benefit from radiation protection. The lead sheet batteries in racks located under the cab, also contribute to the radiation protection of the vehicle.
  • Versatile : The Scorpio MSV can be used outdoors or indoors and accepts rigid or flexible caterpillar tracks on the same chassis. It is entirely joystick controlled, ensuring great accuracy in its actions and movements. The tools can be changed using controls in the cab, without any outside help. The vehicle rotates on its axis thanks to a zero turning radius, allowing great manoeuvrability in confined spaces. It has electric motors powered by lead batteries.
  • Practical : laminated lead glass of optical quality, for an accurate view of the surroundings. Visibility is almost perfect around 360°, thanks to the 4 sides of the cab. Maintenance has been simplified by the use of top quality components as standard.
  • Environment : integrated design allowing 99% recycling to reduce its environmental impact. The Scorpio MSV is equipped with electric motors that emit no toxic gases.


Scorpio MSV : Presentation

The Scorpio MSV is a multifunction shielded vehicle equipped with special tools designed for intervention in high radiation sites.

The operator performs the work without getting out of the cab, which has an air filtration system and a radioactivity detector. The operator remains completely safe and has a live view of what he is doing, so he can work with extreme precision.


Scorpio MSV : Applications

The Scorpio MSV enables you to perform a large number of actions or operations in high radiation environments thanks to its wide range of special tools (scraper, rock-breaker, clamp, bucket, etc.), such as loading, drum handling, excavation, reshaping, rockbreaking, destruction of hard obstacles and more.

All tools can be connected remotely without leaving the cab and without outside help. They can be connected to the articulated arm of the Scorpio MSV with the automatic quick coupler kit (including hydraulic connection), with a secure locking system.

The Scorpio MSV is extremely stable thanks to its bulldozer style hydraulic blades at the front and back. These blades can be used occasionally to carry out levelling operations.


  • Dimensions : L 3,650 x W 2,350 x H 2,900 mm
  • Weight : +/- 15 tonnes
  • Travel speed : 6 km/h
  • Hydraulic power to tools : 45 KW
  • Tool force : 3.5 tonnes
  • Turret rotation speed : 8 rpm
  • Slope gradeability : 50%
  • Lifting capacity at end of arm (standard) : 2.5 tonnes
  • Battery life : 8 hrs (slope 20%), 4 hrs (slope 50%)
  • Pressure on the floor : 0.5 kg/cm²


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