WHY CHOOSE Neutron-absorbing materials

  • Performance : effectively slows and captures neutrons
  • Variety : the material can be offered in different shapes to best suit the requirements
  • Customisation : The composition of the materials can be adjusted to meet custom requirements


Presentation of the Neutron-absorbing materials

For a source of fast neutrons, the materials within the shielding are arranged as follows:

  • It is particularly recommended to use a retarder rich in hydrogen in the shield head, which quickly slows down these neutrons until they reach a thermal or epithermal state (via only a small number of collisions).
  • In order to reduce the flux of thermalised neutrons, it is essential to use a material with a large effective cross-sectional area for thermalised neutron absorption, downstream of the retarder. Boron is an ideal material, and also has the advantage of emitting only low-energy capture gamma rays (0.5 MeV).

Applications for the Neutron-absorbing materials

Neutron-absorbing materials reduce exposure to neutron radiation. They are suitable for activities using neutron emitting sources: nuclear industry, cyclotron, medical accelerator, etc.The wide range of highly hydrogenated matrices (paraffin, polyethylene) loaded with boron or lithium and in brick, plate and cylindrical form can meet special needs in the design phase and during operation.


  • PARAFFINE: Paraffin brick / Dimensions (mm): 200 x 100 x 50 / Weight: 0.9 kg
  • PARABORE-25: Paraffin brick containing 25% boron / Dimensions (mm): 200 x 100 x 50 / Weight: 1.26 kg
  • POLYETHYLENE: Hydrogen-rich polyethylene in plate, brick, or cylindrical form
  • POLYBORE-5: Polyethylene containing 5% boron in plate, brick, or cylindrical form
  • POLYBORE-25: Polyethylene containing 25% boron in plate, brick, or cylindrical form
  • POLYTHIUM-7: Polyethylene containing 7.5% lithium in plate, brick, or cylindrical form
  • SILIBORE-5: Flexible silicone sheet containing 5% boron
  • SILITHIUM-25/79: Flexible silicone sheet containing 5% lithium 6
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