WHY CHOOSE Storage Drum

  • Easy hygiene: stainless steel inside for simpler decontamination
  • Adaptable: 3 volumes proposed
  • Manoeuvrability: base accessory on casters adapted to move the drum easily


Shielded storage drums are basic and essential accessories for management of contaminated bags of potential infectious medical waste (PIMW) in nuclear medicine services.

They are used on a daily basis for decay of these PIMW bags, which are stored in the waste room of each service. These drums allow simple and efficient identification and sorting of waste according to the half-life of the isotopes handled. The storage of the PIMW bags is thus secure and perfectly controlled until they are disposed of. With a 3 mm lead shielding, these storage drums are suitable for the containment of radioisotopes used in SPECT imaging.

A sturdy stainless steel base with three or four castors (depending on the model) is available for easy displacement of the drum. A crimped lock allows it to be locked and opened very quickly and with unlimited use.

The lid also has two handles for easy removal and to easily handle the drum. This makes it easier to move and transfer drums for shelf storage when necessary, for small waste rooms.

Three volumes of drums are proposed, to perfectly adapt to the space available and the waste management protocols of the services: 30, 60 and 120 L with the same shielding to maintain adequate radiation protection. The stainless steel interior finish allows for bacteriological and radioactive decontamination to be easily carried out without altering the components.


  • Radiation protection: 3 mm lead
  • 30 L Overall dimensions: Ø 300 x H 537 mm / Internal dimensions: Ø 244 x H 490 mm / Useful volume: 23 L / Weight: 30 kg
  • 60 L Overall dimensions: Ø 400 x H 612 mm / Internal dimensions: Ø 334 x H 562 mm / Useful volume: 50 L / Weight: 47 kg
  • 120 L Overall dimensions: Ø 486 x H 814 mm / Internal dimensions: Ø 417 x H 764 mm / Useful volume: 105 L / Weight: 77 kg
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