WHY CHOOSE 68Ga Research 4R hot cell

  • 4 glove boxes and 2 independant compartments : one for synthesis module, one for preparation and measure
  • Connection of the two compartments either by a sliding door and/or with a capillary system


The Lemer Pax Ga Research 4R hot cell is designed with 2 compartments to receive a synthesis module whilst keeping available a full isolated work station for the preparation and measure.

The standard version offers:

  • In the synthesis compartment: one compartment for 2 Ga/Ge generators with access to the work surface via 2 caps Pg21 and one compartment for HCl bin with access to the work surface via a cap Pg21.
  • In the preparation compartment: one compartment for a dose calibrator, one compartment for sharps bin and one compartment for generators with motorized lift.

In option, the research hotcell can be equipped with:

  • A sliding loading drawer for synthesis module
  • An outside stainless steel finish


  • Overall dimensions extérieures (mm) : W 2400 x D 1000 x H 2033
  • Synthesis working area dimensions (mm): W 880/720 x D 604 x H 549
  • Preparation working area dimensions (mm): W 660 x D 604 x H 542
  • Generator compartment dimensions (mm): W 190 x D 420 x H 250
  • Viewing window dimensions (mm): W 330 x H 250 x Th. 148
  • Weight: 8 425 kg
  • Radiation protection: 50 mm de plomb


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